How to Measure for  a Radio Strap

How to Measure for a Radio Strap

Published by JP on Oct 22nd 2020

Measuring your current strap:

Lay your strap out flat on a bench or the floor. Measure it from one end to the other INCLUDING the scissor snaps on the ends.

If you do not have a strap:

You will need a piece of rope or webbing (to simulate a radio strap) and a tape measure for this next part. Take your rope or webbing and drape it over your shoulder. Bring one end of the rope/webbing and the long side of the rope/webbing together at your hip (opposite side of your shoulder). Pinch it where you would like the top of the radio holster to sit. While holding the rope/webbing, remove it and lay it flat out on a bench or floor. Using a tape measure, measure it from the end, to the pinched spot. That will be your measurement.

If it is a gift and you are not able to take a measurement:

Include the recipients approximate height and build (or weight) and we will make the strap accordingly. If by chance you receive the strap and it is a few inches too small or too big, email us and we will fix it at no additional charge. 

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